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Welcome to PCMA.

The Founders, Members & Leaders of the Professional Coaches, Mentors and Advisors association, have created a vibrant community that nurtures heart, mind & spirit. Through our commitment to one another and by practicing abundant thinking, we create possibilities that transform leaders, organizations and the world.

Since 1994, when the original PCMA founders first met to support, inspire one another and learn from each other, PCMA has been a ‘high-touch’ organization. The personal and professional relationships that grew from the founders’ spirited conversations and mutual support became the model for ‘the PCMA experience’. It is this experience that draws members, time and time again, to PCMA chapter meetings, conferences and special interest groups.

The PCMA Board of Directors and all those who have contributed to our new website are committed to extending the PCMA experience of spirited discussion, collaboration and resource sharing beyond our California borders. In part, we will do this by adding ‘high-tech’ to our ‘high-touch’ world of dialogue and learning.

We are developing ways to connect in new and exciting ways to our global PCMA members who reside across the US and in Canada, Europe, Russia, Australia, and the Philippines. As more business coaches and advisors from diverse areas connect via technology to have virtual conversations, some will begin to meet regularly to experience the power of connection and collaboration.

The etymology of the word conversation literally means, ‘changing together’. At heart, this is what we do with each other and with our clients.  We enable rich dialogue, using conversation as a strategic tool for discovery, exploration, transformation and influence. And thus, we move forward together.

In 2009, PCMA revitalized its vision, purpose and values, and created this new website to reflect our new energy and focus. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Wishing you much success and looking forward to meeting you,

Reri Maclean

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